Market Update - on this episode we read from Wall Street Journal, The Fed is actually considering loaning money directly to Hedge Funds through the Repo Market's Clearinghouse, the Fixed Income Cleaning Corp., or FICC. This article written by Daniel Kruger, spotlights what is really going on behind Fed doors and its risky business, and the American people will sure have to pay for it. With the Repo Market up to $500 billion a night, now the Fed wants to bailout special interests such as Hedge-Funds, something is very wrong. Jim is live in the studio, with "Real Money" calling in from GSI Exchange..


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Market Update - Missile Strikes in Iran, Create Stock Market Manipulation

January 9, 2020

Market Update - Special Report from GSI Exchange on The American Confidant

President Trump initiates drone strike in Iran, killing one of their top leaders. Iran immediately retaliated, bombing an Iran base, housing U.S. troops. Overnight causing the markets to flip the script. Gold shot over $1600 hitting a 7 year all time high, Silver almost tagged $19 an ounce, and DowJones lost almost 400 points. We smell a rat and it's market manipulation. Almost immediately after President Trump speech to address Iran strike, Markets recovered and Gold and Silver retracted. Now is the time to prepare and protect. Real Money and Rick discuss...

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National Debt over 23 Trillion, and the Repo Market is Explained

January 9, 2020
The US economy is White hot and the Banking system is showing massive cracks that could soon result in an Earth Shaking market freeze. The Chinese have covertly acquired over 20,000 metric tonnes of gold according to Max Keiser and they are ready to launch the trap door rendering the dollar worthless relic around the globe. The Cash freeze could hit your retirement accounts soon and it is imperative that you prepare now. Jim and Cash discuss..
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$1.4 Trillion Spending Deal Adds to U.S. Debt

December 20, 2019

While mainstream media continues to distract the American people..The House passed a $1.4 Trillion dollar spending deal. The Repo Market is now lending Banks up to $424.1 Billion dollars a night, something has got to give, or does the Fed have an underlying plan? Do they know something we don't? We are headed towards another recession, just in time for the holidays. Jim and Cash discuss..

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U.S. Corporations bow down to China - The American Confidant - Ep. #14

October 15, 2019

The American Confidant - On this episode, we uncover the obvious collusion that is going on in the media nationwide. The fact that U.S. corporations are working with the mainstream media to drive their narrative, and steer the American people toward accepting Communist China as our Ally. We also discuss the Fed and who's buying the national debt. Jim and Cash discuss... Ep. #14

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Who is GSI Exchange? Interview with Senior Partner Anthony Allen Anderson

September 16, 2019

The American Confidant - On this episode we have the great pleasure to speak with Anthony Allen Anderson, Senior Partner of GSI Exchange. Anthony gives us an in depth interview on who GSI Exchange is as a Precious Metals company and what sets them apart from the competition and why buying Gold and Silver now is more important than ever. We also talk about how Fidelity Investments are now using scare tactics to deter customers from removing their money from Fidelity's management. Jim and Cash discuss...Episode 13

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Interview with Stephen Gregory Publisher of The Epoch Times

September 6, 2019

The American Confidant - On this episode we have a special interview with Stephen Gregory the Publisher of The Epoch Times. MSNBC recently attacked the Epoch Times, and slandered them for having ties to the Falun Gong and supporting Trump, Facebook also banned their ads online. Stephen explains who The Epoch Times are and how they got started..Also MSNBC may have closer ties to Communist China than we think. Episode 12

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Tensions in Hong Kong Rising, Epoch Times Interview

August 30, 2019

The American Confidant - On this episode, we cover the growing tensions in Hong Kong, and how this may play out between China and the U.S. We interview Dr. Dana Cheng, Senior Editor of Epoch Times, as she goes into great detail, what is really going on in Hong Kong, and why China will not make a Trade Deal with President Trump. Episode 11

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American Confidant - Pelosi and Trump Agreeing?

July 29, 2019

#Gold #Silver #BudgetDeal #Trump On this episode we cover the passing of the Budget Deal between President Trump and Congress, What that means for the national debt and what you should do now... Jim and Cash discuss a time before the Federal Reserve existed and the simplicity of life in America.- Episode 009 -

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American Confidant - Deutsche Bank, Money and the Fed, CUSIP list

July 23, 2019

#Gold #Silver # Deutschebank #CUSIP On this episode we will cover Deutsche Banks' woes, bank run, and restructuring. We will go over money market reform, and the Fed, whether they plan on increasing or decreasing interest rates. Gold and Silver are both up! We also cover CUSIP list and what it means for you...Jim and Cash discuss - Episode 008 -

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